About Mia Lehndal
- Your Body Love Guide

”Having spent most of my life discovering how the wisdom of the body really works, I keep asking myself the questions: Why didn’t anyone show me this when I was a child? Why are we not learning this in school? Why isn’t it mandatory in every workplace, especially for leaders?
In my experience, body wisdom is by far the most important thing we can ever learn. So I am dedicated to give this gift to as many people as I can. And I hope that you, when understanding and embodying this, will show it to as many people as you can. This is what we need. What the world needs. Now.”

Mia Lehndal has been dedicated to the yogic and tantric path for more than 15 years. She teaches yoga, tantra, meditation, coaching and leadership and she clearly demonstrates how those paths are interconnected and support you in being who you truly are. Mia dropped out of her academic career in media & communication in the year of 2000. Since then, she has been devoted to finding out who she truly is beyond all concepts. Now, she is guiding anyone who is willing to look deep into the treasures of the body. 

Mia Lehndal is the author of Body Love Book (currently being translated into English) & Våga vara den du är! (in Swedish).


Anna Nilsdotter

"Mia is an amazing human being and teacher. I have learned so much, for life, love and work”

Burak Mungan

"Mia’s heartful and rebellious leadership is free from fluffy rhetoric. She is blessed with the gift of guiding and supporting an effortless invitation to feel sensations.”

Ninni Cevasco

"Thank you Mia for teaching from your heart, we can really feel it!"

Body Love Tantra Online Course


Including a total of 13 videos:

  • Introduction
  • You Are Enough 
  • Body Love Tantra 
  • Feel Your Body
  • Sexual Intelligence 
  • Somatic Communication & Relating
  • Body Love Yoga
  • Life Worth Living
  • Body Love In Your Everyday Life 
  • Body Love Yoga Class
  • Body Love Tantra Yoga Class
  • Body Love Meditation
  • Body Love Tantra Meditation