Kåre is a gifted teacher and coach with a strong passion for sharing tools for inner transformation. He is the founder of the Zen Coaching approach, started in 2005. He is also the founder of the International Zen Coaching network.

Kåre lives in Oslo, Norway, and travels extensively, offering training in Zen Coaching, workshops, and coaching to individuals and organisations in many countries.

Kåre has studied with teachers and traditions from many wisdom traditions. Amongst his main inspirations for the Zen Coaching approach are his teachers, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, A.H. Almaas (founder of the Diamond Approach), Marshall B. Rosenberg (founder of Non-violent Communication), Svagito Liebermeister (Family Constellations, Zen Counselling), Byron Katie (The Work), Nukunu (founder of Non-dual Therapy) and Rahasya (Counselling from the Heart).


Kåre holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Management, and a Bachelor degree in philosophy. He earlier worked for 4 years internationally for the United Nations and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for several years as a consultant in the field of international development cooperation. In his free time Kåre is a lover of traveling, nature, and nature sports, especially kitesurfing.

In addition to his interest in personal growth and spirituality, Kåre Landfald has had an interest in financial management, investment and business since an early age. He studied business and marketing at University, has successfully owned and managed 3 businesses over the last 25 years, and has been coaching people on their relationship to money for the last 15 years. He loves to explore how money can be managed individually and collectively so that it fully supports meaning, freedom, sharing and contribution to the world. In his own life, Kåre has created a financial abundance that easily supports the lifestyle, security, sharing and contribution to the world that he loves.

"I have been teaching and supporting people and organizations to shift from a lack mindset to inner and outer abundance for the last 20 years. I love to see the joy in people when their problems turn into opportunity, and fear and contraction turn to inner connection, peace, power and enthusiasm. And it is so much easier than we realize! I also love to explore how we can relate to money in a way that fully supports meaning, freedom, creativity and contribution to the world. I am here to offer you the very best tools for abundance that I have found."

Kåre Landfald

"I want to express my deep gratitude for you sharing the zen-coaching community, for your recent webinars and most recently for the Abundance and Money Wisdom course that I'm doing.

Already I have had such great insights and understandings that were lacking in earlier approaches that I've read and listened to on this subject - before your course it seemed ridiculous to try and feel rich when in fact I was financially poor. Now I know this is possible. Great!"

Gregor Bergman


True Prosperity & Money Wisdom
- From Lack To Abundance